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Welcome to the Ashmansworth Parish Website

You'll find lots of useful information about our north Hampshire parish, which encompasses the villages of Ashmansworth and Crux Easton.

We hope you find the site informative and useful, and become a regular visitor!

If you have any ideas that would help to improve the site, please send us an email.

We have a very popular google group (Ashy-PC) to connect local residents. If you are a local resident and would like to join the group, do send us an email.

Some Help When Reporting Issues To The Police:

All too often, we hear of problems when trying to report issues to Hampshire Police, so the following note from Sgt Stuart Ross will hopefully help you by giving you the police operational names for certain types of incidents, thereby hopefully saving you and the call taker time and unnecessary questions. Mention to the Hampshire Police call taker when an incident is being reported via 101, online reporting or 999 if the incident is happening at the time;
Operation SLID – Theft & Burglary of Quad Bikes/ATV’s within the rural areas of Hampshire
Operation REBATE – Theft and Burglary of Agricultural Plant and Machinery including Power Tools
Operation TRAVERSE – Fish Poaching from rivers or private waters
Operation GALILEO – Hare Coursing or Deer Poaching
Operation WOLF – Fly Tipping

On 26 October 2021, we had another visit from the Portobello Trust in London, with a coach load of children to play football with local teams on our recreation ground and refreshments in our village hall. See Recent Events for more on this visit.

On 29 July 2021, we had a lovely visit by two coach loads of children from London, arranged by the Rugby Portobello Trust. They really enjoyed playing in our fresh air and a special lunch - see video. We look forward to welcoming them back here for football in October!

To celebrate our hoped for exit from Covid lockdown, we had a splendid party on 7th August, with our annual flower show and a hog roast! This was based on the village hall and the green opposite. Despite some families being away on holiday, we had a good turnout and it was great to meet up with people again!

We have been prevented from using the Newtown Road recycling centre at Newbury for around 4 years, despite it being much more convenient for those who visit Newbury more often. After much complaint, especially from the other parishes closer to Newbury who have been able to use these facilities until recently, West Berkshire have now set up a scheme whereby we can use their sites for a charge of £7 per visit. While this does seem expensive, if you are in the Newbury area it may be more convenient and save you the expense of driving to Andover.  However, you can still use Andover if you prefer, so long as you have registered your car number with them first. In both cases, you need to pre-book, here for Andover or here for Newbury.

We have many ash trees in our village. If you are concerned about the recent threat of Ash Dieback disease, see the attachments below for details and symptoms.

If, sadly, you find you have a tree which is dead or dying, if you live in our Conservation Area (most of Ashmansworth but not Crux Easton) or the tree has a preservation order:

If the tree is dead or dangerous you must contact the local authority and provide evidence if possible e.g a photo and/or a report from a Tree Surgeon etc. Phone 01256 844844 or email [email protected]

If the tree is dying then an application will need to be completed. 

HugoFox has created this website as a benefit to the residents of Ashmansworth Parish to allow them to find information on planning applications for their area.

This is a free planning application website set up through HugoFox's community program which provides free websites for non-profit making communities such as councils, sports clubs, charities and other community groups.